"A tapestry of solutions to promote health equity."


Health literacy is recognized as a national priority and occurs when the preferences, expectations and skills of persons receiving health care and treatment meet the preferences, expectations and skills of health care professionals and healthcare systems providing care and treatment.

Health Literacy Partners® will consult with your organization in a variety of ways to assist you in the promotion of a health literate organization, making it easier for everyone to access, navigate, and understand all services provided.

Health Literacy Partners® provides “A Tapestry of Solutions to Promote Health Equity” and will partner with you in the following areas:

HLP-logosquare-21 Consulting

  • Strategic Planning: Collaborate with organizations to develop a health literacy strategic plan including the integration of policies and ongoing processes needed to develop and sustain a culturally and linguistically appropriate environment and a health literate organization.
  • Leadership Development: Assess the leadership of your organization to identify opportunities to enhance health literacy integration throughout your mission, vision, structure and operations.
  • Policy and Organizational Development: Build initiatives and develop organizational policies and procedures that incorporate principles of health literacy throughout your organization. Involve and engage senior leadership and executives to implement change in organizational culture to support these plans.
  • Material Development and Consultation: Assess, review and develop guidelines and processes for all patient and consumer written materials to ensure the integration of culture, language and health literacy principles while maintaining consistent branding and messaging.
  • Shame-free Environment: Build patient and consumer engagement at the initial point of care.   Create a welcoming environment for staff, executives and community members through training, assessment of language needs for navigators, signage, maps and kiosks.
  • Health Literacy Toolkit: Let Health Literacy Partners® jumpstart your next project! Our toolkit provides three 60-90 minute calls with you and your team or committee to guide you through your project and help ensure success. Receive guidance and learn from Dr. Parnell’s experience, while your team implements a health literacy project of their choice.

1 Call One
Introduction: Discuss scope of plan or project, goals and expected outcomes. Receive customized suggestions on how to set up your team for success.
2 Call Two
Strategy: Discuss proposed plan for project and obtain personalized consultation and tips for successful implementation.
3 Call Three
Personalized feedback: During implementation to assist with any stumbling blocks, or at completion to summarize and plan next steps to enhance sustainability.

Our Toolkit is an ideal way to get started to make measurable improvements to your organization’s health literacy goals by focusing on successful completion of a key project.

HLP-logosquare-21 Training and Educational Presentations

  • Training & E-Learning: Provide training programs to enhance effective person-provider communication. Enhance training or provide sustainability with e-learning options that are customized to your organization for maintaining a culturally and linguistically appropriate, health literate organization.
  • Educational Presentations: 
    • Professional – Dr. Parnell’s presentations incorporate decades of examples and narratives from her varied experience in nursing, management, administrative and leadership roles. Health Literacy Partners® offers key note presentations, half or full day workshops, grand round presentations, and panel presentations. Presentations can be individualized to meet for your organizational needs. Select topics include:
      • Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy
      • Health Literacy and Pediatric Family-Centered Care
      • Integrating Health Literacy Across Your Organization
    • Community – Presentations can also be requested to engage, educate and empower health consumers to be active partners in their health care. Topics can be individualized to your consumer audience and align with senior centers and community groups. Select topics include:
      • Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit
      • The ABC’s for Good Health
      • When You Have to Go to the Emergency Room
      • I Have Health Insurance…Now What?

HLP-logosquare-21 Partners and Special Projects

Health Literacy Partners® collaborates with academia, industry, government, and advocates to assess, develop, educate, and implement sustainable health literacy principles into your deliverables.

Partner with us to integrate health literacy expertise into your products and services, which will assist in meeting the needs of diverse audiences by enhancing effective communication and cultural and linguistic understanding.

Collaborate on special projects such as Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP), bundled payments, academic health professions institutions, community and transitional care initiatives, patient education material oversight, vendor-related solutions, grants, and research.