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Health Literacy Partners Services

We Can Help You
Make A Difference

88% of the U.S. patient population is not having their health information and care needs met. This presents a huge opportunity for organizations willing to close this gap. Our expertise can help! 

Our individualized solutions promote effective communication, enhance
patient outcomes and improve

patient satisfaction.


We work with your leadership team, workforce, and patient populations to integrate health literacy principles throughout your organization.

Wellness Coaching, Consulting & Presentations


We involve all stakeholders in our
education process to create  
a more accessible, understandable, health literate organization.

Our Health Literacy Services

Health Literacy Partners offers a variety of services that are tailored to
your organization’s specific needs and goals.

Health Literacy Partners Consulting
Health Literacy Partners Master Class Training
Health Literacy Partners Educational Presentations

We help organizations navigate the complex world of health literacy and implement sustainable solutions that foster individual and community resilience, help address health inequities and improve health and well-being.

 Master Class Training

We prepare Master Class participants with a bespoke health literacy training that includes one-on-one evaluations and proprietary course materials. Upon completion of the Master Class, participants will be able to carry forward what they’ve learned to drive sustainable change    and build a health literate organization.

Educational Presentations

We provide a variety of health literacy presentations individualized to the needs of the professionals in your organization.

Choose from keynote or panel presentations, half or full day workshops, lunch and learns

and much more.

Wellness Consulting Services 

Dr. Parnell launched TAP Wellness Coaching as a complementary consulting service to Health Literacy Partners, to help organizations "care for their clinicians". Because when nurses feel happy, healthy, and satisfied with their jobs, the quality of care they provide improves. TAP was specifically created to address the unique challenges that are inherent to nurses and other healthcare professionals by providing a holistic approach to wellness that will help them thrive both as a healthcare professional and in their personal life.

Clinician well-being can impact many aspects of your healthcare organization.

Employee satisfaction and well-being translates into improved patient satisfaction, patient safety and patient outcomes with a downstream impact on your organizations’ financial performance. 

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Want to learn more about Health Literacy Partners? Have a question? We would love to hear from you! 

Email us at or fill out the contact form and we will reach out. 

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