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The Health Literacy Project: Partnering to STAMP Out Medical Errors

Take a few minutes to see what people are saying and feeling about their personal health care experiences. Then learn some actionable tools to enhance patient safety and help encourage and empower patients to be active partners in their health care.

Virtual Online Expert Panel

GDOnlineLaunching a Health Literacy Initiative: Implementation Strategies

GHDonline.org held a virtual online expert panel called Launching a Health Literacy Initiative: Implementation Strategies. Terri Ann Parnell participated on the panel which highlighted health literacy programs in a range of settings and discussed implementation strategies.

Access the shared resources here.

Radio Interview

wbai-1Health Literacy

Healthstyles Today on WBAI co-producer and host Diana Mason, interviewed Terri Ann Parnell, founder and principal of Health Literacy Partners® about the challenges that people face in understanding information about their health and how to manage it.

Click here to listen to the interview.

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