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Knowledge is Power

Let us get your team or community up to speed on health literacy fundamentals and best practices with our expertly produced and delivered education sessions.

Engage, educate, and empower your community with customized presentations that encourage health consumers to  be active, engaged partners in their health care. Clinicians or community members...we've got you!
Health Literacy Partners Educational Presentation


For Professionals

Written by Dr. Parnell and full of examples and narratives from her varied experience. Individualized to your organization.

Choose from:

  • Keynote presentations

  • Half or full day workshops

  • Grand round or panel presentations

Select topics include:

  • Diversity, Inclusion and Health Literacy

  • Health Literacy and Pediatric Family-Centered Care

  • Integrating Health Literacy Across Your Organization


For the Community

Engage, educate, and empower your community with customized presentations that encourage health consumers to be active, engaged partners in their health care.


Let's collaborate and discuss a relevant topic that will meet your community member's needs or you may choose a topic such as: 

  • Preparing for Your Doctor’s Visit

  • When You Have to Go to the Emergency Room

  • Have Health Insurance…Now What?

  • All about Ask Me 3 ®

Select Testimonials
Annual Dialysis Conference; Seattle, Washington

“Would like to hear Terri speak again!”
“Very good information on how to make it easier for patient to navigate the system”
“Presentation made me more aware of what I am doing right and how to improve and add to what I am already incorporating into my practice”
“Great ideas that need to be implemented.”
“Thank you for this information. I learned a lot and especially found the section on use of strategies to be of value in my role”

UnitedHealth Group Webinar

“This is one of the most helpful presentations I've attended to date. Good job. This applies to every single project we facilitate”

ESRD National Coordinating Center (NCC) Webinar

“Dr. Parnell is an excellent speaker and provided great information on health policy. All health care professionals can benefit from an education program on this important topic.”

University of Scranton Department of Nursing; Scranton, Pennsylvania

“Dr. Parnell is an outstanding speaker, very knowledgeable. Presentation was very informative, with valuable information.”

Saint Peter’s University Hospital; New Brunswick, New Jersey

Get in Touch

Want to learn more about Health Literacy Partners? Have a question? We would love to hear from you! 

Email us at or fill out the contact form and we will reach out. 

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