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Inadequate Health Literacy Costs Billions Annually

Lower health literacy is a significant factor associated with increased health care utilization and costs. The investment in improving health literacy is minimal compared to the potentially astronomical costs of continuing on the path of low health literacy.

Inadequate Health Literacy Costs Billions Annually

Health literacy enhancements that can counteract these skyrocketing costs may include:

Organizational assessments and strategic planning. Identify and prioritize which areas within your own health system to focus on that will have the largest return on investment. Then, work with a health literacy specialist to develop an action plan to implement the change.

Written material consultation. Review and improve the written materials provided to patients. Identify which written materials need to be recreated and enhance them to improve language, design, and clarity.

E-learning modules. Digital platforms that use video, online learning tools, and knowledge checks are a sustainable tool for ongoing staff learning on the best practices in health literacy.

Contact Health Literacy Partners for a consultation or assistance with any of these health literacy enhancements.

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