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Improve Your Employee Wellness Program with Health Literacy

Health literacy practices aren’t limited to medical organizations alone. Any company can use health literacy strategies to build an organizational culture of employee wellness. Assisting employees in improving their health literacy skills and understanding how to navigate their health and employee benefits will result in lower healthcare-related costs, healthier employees, increased safety and productivity. (Source: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion)

4 Health Literacy Tips to Improve Employee Wellness

  • Use plain language. The insurance industry uses a lot of jargon such as OOP, EOB, deductible, PCP, and copayment. Be sure to communicate clearly and explain how to actually use the insurance and wellness benefits in plain language.

  • Don’t make assumptions. All employees, no matter their level or background, may have difficulty understanding health, wellness and benefits information. Few people will remember all of the information initially provided. Plan ongoing campaigns and communications using brief, clear, repetitive messages. Respect employees’ communication preferences for better results.

  • Encourage advocacy. Employees that take an active role in their healthcare typically have better health and financial outcomes. Increase employee confidence in their ability to advocate for themselves by providing information and workshops.

  • Provide support. Consider having a dedicated team or hiring an external consultant who can help you and your employees understand how to access their health and wellness benefits and navigate the complex healthcare system.

Health Literacy Partners has experience creating and expanding wellness programs in corporate environments. Contact us to:

  • Review your existing wellness program or to help create a strategy for a new program.

  • Collaborate with your company in developing a wellness strategic plan.

  • Enhance current wellness offerings by ensuring that all communications are clearly written so your employees will easily understand and take action.

Health Literacy Partners can assist you in improving the health literacy of employees and their family, improving their health while reducing costs and strengthening your

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