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Health Literacy & Annual Nursing Education

Health literacy is the foundation of providing safe, effective, patient-centered care. Each year nurses participate in annual mandated education to ensure that they are up to date on all patient safety information. Why not join others and incorporate health literacy via an e-learning module into your annual nursing education mandated topics?

Incorporating health literacy into all nursing mandatory education is an easy, cost effective and convenient way for your nursing staff to complete their annual education requirements. Health literacy is a skill that nurses across all disciplines can use to cultivate open dialogues and foster the clear exchange of important health information. Clear communication is an essential part of every healthcare encounter and is also necessary for organizations to comply with federal and state regulations.

Health literacy education can be delivered on your learning management system in a cost-effective and sustainable manner through the use of an e-learning platform. There are many benefits to e-learning modules such as providing your nurses with the flexibility to complete the training, ensuring a consistent message throughout your organization, benchmarking progress and disseminating it to a large number of employees at any given time.

Health Literacy Partners can help you incorporate health literacy e-learning options into your annual nursing mandatory topics. Let’s partner to develop a cost effective and sustainable way to provide your nursing staff with the health literacy skills that they need!

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