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Encourage Your Employees to Use Their Wellness Benefits

Health benefits and preventative services can be confusing! Choosing the best benefits and utilizing preventative services can be a stressful time for employees. As you begin preparation for open enrollment, it is also an ideal time to reassess all communications pertaining to your organization’s health and wellness benefits. This important step creates an opportunity to integrate health literacy strategies and make it easier for your employees to understand, access and use these valuable offerings.

Read these 4 health literacy tips that can improve the way employee wellness information is communicated. By integrating these tips throughout your wellness strategic plan, as well as all mailings, emails, and presentations, you can enhance everyone’s health literacy.

Creating health literate information is important for your organization and staff to experience the many advantages of an employee wellness benefit program. Let’s discuss how Health Literacy Partners can assist you with clearly communicating each of your employee health and wellness campaigns!

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