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Driving Health Literacy Practices with E-learning

E-learning has become a fiscal and sustainable option for providing nurses with health literacy education. E-learning platforms allow you to review and refresh key takeaways from previous health literacy trainings and workshops. They also make it easier to benchmark your organization’s progress, provide a consistent message, and allow your nurses flexibility when completing the assigned education.

For example, an organizationally branded health literacy e-learning module could be required during new orientation or as part of annual mandated topics. This approach helps organizations disseminate goals, learning outcomes, and health literacy education consistently to any number of employees.

Health Literacy Partners can work with you to develop customized and engaging e-learning modules that reflect your organization’s branding and culture. E-learning modules are also a way to efficiently educate your workforce about communication and language regulatory standards and guidelines.

We can collaborate with you to create e-learning modules that will seamlessly integrate into your internal learning management system (LMS). Contact Health Literacy Partners to design and develop e-learning options that can be added to your organization’s health literacy educational offerings.

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