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Discharge Education: Helping Patients Understand

Using health literacy strategies with individualized discharge education will help patients understand their health information. This is an important opportunity where nurses can positively impact their patients’ future health behaviors.

It’s essential that discharge education is easy for all to understand. This fosters patient understanding of their condition and what occurred during their hospital stay. It can also help explain instructions patients need to follow such as medication schedules, future appointments needed and symptoms that might require an immediate return to the hospital.

An essential nursing role is to prepare patients for discharge so they know how to better manage their own care. Our Health Literacy Partners Master Class can assist with preparing nurses to effectively use health literacy tools and strategies throughout the discharge education process. The Master Class is the perfect fit for organizations looking to implement or improve health literacy fundamentals throughout their nursing workforce. This comprehensive two-day training includes interactive sessions, skill development, one-on-one evaluations, and proprietary course materials. See what others had to say about this impactful training then contact us to schedule your Master Class!

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