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Designing a Healthcare Environment for Everyone

Finding your way around complex healthcare environments can be difficult for everyone, and especially for those with low health literacy skills. Health literacy initiatives should not be limited to verbal and written communication, as they can also enhance access and navigation throughout your organization.

Health literacy strategies can reduce confusion and make it easier to find your organization and know where to go. Think about all of the opportunities that exist by addressing the content and design across the many points of contact. The use of plain language, lay terms, consistent labeling, and appropriate symbols, colors and placement can provide the structure to successfully help all patients and visitors find their destinations.

Incorporating health literacy into strategic planning and all facility-related projects such as renovations, expansions, new buildings and signage is imperative in setting a consistent positive experience throughout your organization.

Creating a health literate environment can enhance the first impression of your organization and how well it is accessed and utilized. Health Literacy Partners is here to help you make a difference with integrating sustainable health literacy solutions into your organization’s strategic plan!

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