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Commit to a Health Literate Organizational Culture

Health care leaders must be knowledgeable about the value of health literacy and the role health literacy can have in providing person-centered care for all patients. An organization that includes health literacy as a priority in its mission, vision and operations will also achieve culture change. And more importantly, health literate organizations have healthier patients.

A health literate health care organization has leadership that fosters opportunities to integrate health literacy as a core value. Leadership can educate and promote a culture of health literacy throughout all communication, behaviors, and expectations. They can assign oversight for health literacy responsibilities, allocate fiscal and human resources, set goals and establish accountability. Promoting health literacy superstars throughout the organization will assist with successful and sustainable culture change.

Organizational leaders can set the strategy by having a clear focus when integrating health literacy across all activities, evaluation measures, patient safety and quality efforts. Health Literacy Partners has experience in engaging executives and making health literacy a valuable organizational priority. We are experienced insiders from the healthcare industry that can get the job done! Reach out today to discuss how we can partner with your organization to implement sustainable health literacy solutions and achieve a health literate organizational culture.

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