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A 2019 Resolution to Enhance Safety, Quality & the Patient Experience

As a nurse leader in your organization, now is the time to make a commitment to enhance clear communication. The New Year is the perfect time to kick off or expand health literacy initiatives throughout your organization. Begin by prioritizing clear communication as a foundation for safe, quality patient care and an enhanced patient experience.

A great way to work towards fulfilling this resolution is striving to make your organization more health literate. Not sure where to begin with creating a health literate organization… start by developing a health literacy strategic plan.

Your health literacy strategic plan should include a focus on nursing policies, processes and ongoing education and training necessary to develop and sustain a culturally and linguistically appropriate health care environment. This strategy will set the foundation to move health literacy forward throughout the year and build a culture that make it easier for everyone to navigate, understand, and use information and services to take care of their health.

Let’s strive to make your organization and your nursing workforce more health literate in 2019! Contact us today!

For more resources, check out our Principal & Founder’s (Terri Ann Parnell, DNP, RN, FAAN) award-winning book, “Health Literacy in Nursing: Providing Person-Centered Care

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