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Clinician Well-Being: A Key Concern for
Healthcare Organizations

Dr. Parnell launched TAP Wellness Coaching as a complementary consulting service to Health Literacy Partners, to help organizations "care for their clinicians". Because when nurses feel happy, healthy, and satisfied with their jobs, the quality of care they provide improves. TAP was specifically created to address the unique challenges that are inherent to nurses and other healthcare professionals by providing a holistic approach to wellness that will help them thrive both as a healthcare professional and in their personal life.

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Work with TAP Wellness

Although COVID-19 looks different now than it did years ago, its impact on healthcare clinicians will resonate for years to come. Healthcare employers must dramatically shift their approach of how they support their nursing workforce.


Clinician well-being impacts many aspects of your healthcare organization. Positive, healthy organizational cultures support clinician satisfaction and well-being, which improves patient satisfaction, patient safety and patient outcomes.


Preventing the stress-related turnover of just a few clinicians can more than cover the annual cost of well-being initiatives across your organization. The downstream impact on your organizations’ financial performance is at stake. There’s no time to waste!


of nurses reported feelings of burnout 


 of nurses are less committed than before the pandemic 


of nurses are planning to leave the bedside or nursing 


the current turnover rate for hospital staff RN's 

TAP Wellness Services for Healthcare Organizations

Clinician well-being can impact many aspects of your healthcare organization. Employee    satisfaction and well-being translates into patient satisfaction, patient safety and patient outcomes with a downstream impact on your organizations’ financial performance. 

Dr. Parnell’s Expertise

Nurse with decades experience and knowledge in nursing, healthcare management, administrative, and leadership roles.

Certified Nutrition & Wellness Coach and Urban Zen Integrative Therapist

American Association of Drugless Practitioners 


Board Certified

Lived the shift work, long hours, high acuity, and demanding responsibilities.

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TAP Wellness Coaching was designed to help you care for your clinicians. 


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