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4 Health Literacy Approaches That Can Improve the Patient Experience

According to studies, only 12% of the U.S. population has proficient health literacy[1], and in a crisis, their health literacy…  Continue Reading »

Writing better health care materials at Health Care Communications

My blog post on writing better health care materials was featured on the Health Care Communications site. The original post…  Continue Reading »

Inadequate Health Literacy Costs Billions Annually

Lower health literacy is a significant factor associated with increased health care utilization and costs. The investment in improving health literacy is minimal compared to the potentially astronomical costs of continuing on the path of low health literacy. Continue Reading »

Health Literacy: Essential to Patient Care

Dr. Parnell was recently interviewed by OnCourse Learning regarding health literacy. She answered questions about health literacy, why it is…  Continue Reading »

The Impact of Low Health Literacy on Health Outcomes

Past studies have shown that persons with limited health literacy skills are more likely to have chronic conditions and are less able to manage them effectively. Health literacy encompasses oral and written communication, and the ability to access and navigate throughout an organization for health care information and services. It can include the ability to follow instructions on prescription bottles, read appointment slips, ask questions about medical procedures, follow treatment plans, and comprehend consent forms and discharge instructions. Continue Reading »