"A tapestry of solutions to promote health equity."
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Health Literacy Partners® provides solutions for promoting effective communication, enhancing outcomes and improving satisfaction.

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Health Literacy Partners® collaborates with leadership, workforce and patient populations to integrate health literacy principles throughout the fabric of your organization.

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Health Literacy Partners® educates all stakeholders to create organizations that are more accessible and understandable.

Terri Ann Parnell, DNP, MA, RN, FAAN

Terri Ann Parnell Dr. Parnell is an internationally recognized health literacy expert and award winning author. Her previous experience includes roles in health literacy, diversity, patient education and community health education.

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The Health Literacy Tapestry

Health Literacy Tapestry

A Tapestry of Solutions to Promote Health Equity

Enhancing health literacy is essential for improving health outcomes. Health literacy is not simply the ability to read or understand health information. It is also the complex task of engaging and empowering individuals to access, navigate, collaborate and act upon the health information provided to enhance their well-being.

There has been a recent shift toward the understanding that health literacy is about the relationship between the skills of persons receiving care or treatment and the professionals or systems that are providing the care and treatment.  Health literacy skills are dynamic and can improve or diminish based on: changes in individual skills or context; the experience and skills of the provider; or changes in the health care system.

Health literacy encompasses oral and written communication and environmental communication, or the ability to access and navigate throughout an organization. It can include the ability to follow instructions on prescription bottles, read appointment slips, ask questions about medical procedures, follow treatment plans, and comprehend consent forms and discharge instructions.

Our goal at Health Literacy Partners® is to help organizations promote health equity and enhance satisfaction, safety and quality by integrating health literacy principles across all services provided.